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Weather Stations

Weather Stations placed literature and storytelling at the heart of conversations about climate change; harnessing the transformative power of words to imagine, in the context of our threatened environment, how we might live our lives differently.

Weather Stations partners in Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne and Warsaw worked together and with Writers in Residence to explore how literature can inspire new ways of living in the context of the most fundamental challenge facing humanity today – our changing climate.

Over 18 months, students from the three Tallaght schools; Colaiste de Hide, Firhouse Community College & Mount Seskin Community College created stories, films, podcasts, illustrations and more in response to the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.

Young people and writers from each city shared their emerging creative work via the project blog: www.globalweatherstations.com.

Click on the link  to download a PDF of stories, poetry and commentary by writers Tony Birch (Australia), Xiaolu Guo (UK), Mirko Bonne (Germany), Jas Kapela (Poland) and Oisin McGann (Ireland) along with 5 students from each of the 5 countries and see for yourself the engagement and rousing writing as all writers sparkle with anger, enthusiasm and creativity.

You can download and read the Weather Stations anthology in English, Polish and/or German here.