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The Handprint of our Footprint

Over three months in the summer of 2015 six men and six boys from Dominic’s Community Centre Tallaght worked with artist and printmaker Jim Cathcart to create a series of hand-made prints on the theme of Climate Change.

The participants learnt accessible printmaking techniques; Mono Print, Linocut and Relief Print.

The weekly sessions then explored the science of Climate Change from a local, national and global perspective and the participants responded with a set of print designs

In addition to exploring printmaking the arts project set out to foster a sense of sustained community engagement amongst the target group and profile the men and boys as positive role models of active citizenship in addressing environmental issues in their local community and beyond.

The exhibition launch at artist Jim Cathcart’s studio also included a demonstration of printmaking by men and boys. The prints were exhibited at Dominics Community Centre Avonbeg from Monday 13 – Friday 17 July 2015.

The project is part of Tallaght Community Arts long-term creative relationship with Dominics Community Centre.