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INDEPENDENCE – DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio’s first major public exhibition


Tallaght Community Arts are delighted to present











TCA Director Tony Fegan, DoubleTAKE participant/artist Keith Williams and

Rowena Keaveny, Artist and Art Therapist

This is DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio’s first major public group exhibition in Gallery 2, RUA RED Tallaght. This group exhibition celebrates the creativity of 70 artists with disabilities who took as their inspiration the idea of independence arising from the 2016 centenary events and have responded in a variety of ways, featuring artwork ranging from paintings, drawings, and ceramic sculpture to textile art, collage, and assemblage. Together, the artwork demonstrates the extraordinary creativity of its makers and confirms the belief in art as an essential and enriching activity.

DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio Established in 2010 DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio is an invaluable resource for individual artists from across South Dublin County and beyond and is recognised as such by the artists and their partner organisations. The studio operates for 45 weeks of the year. The studio are supported by three professional artist mentors; Sharon Devlin, Caroline Hyland and Aine Kelly who foster the creative development and diverse needs of our artist members who attend the studio on a weekly basis. In 2016 the DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio had an inspirational makeover by a class of UCD Architectural students under the tutelage of Tiago Fiara. This enabled the establishment of dedicated work areas for drawing and painting, ceramics,and mosaics.

Today DoubleTAKE Supported Artist’s Studio’ provides a professional studio environment for artistic development and representation and a social atmosphere among peers for our artists. Through this initiative Tallaght Community Arts demonstrates a steadfast commitment to providing stimulating and supportive environments that promote creative expression, independence, dignity, and community integration for adults with disabilities.

Barriers to participation are many, and not always visible, but through supported engagement

with the

DoubleTAKE studio the artists who attend have given the viewer a rare opportunity

through the images within

these pages to witness lives, stories and experiences that have previously remained unseen.

Not only does this important

body of work expand the dialogue about our perceptions of artistic practice it also demonstrates

that these artists

and this studio are a vibrant and vital part of the Irish cultural landscape.

Rowena Keaveny, Artist and Art Therapist – Forward to Journey’s to Independence

The exhibition sees the launch of a book Journey’s to Independence profiling the work of the individual artists and demonstrating the continuing needs to integrate people with disabilities in our wider artistic culture.

Below a selection of photographs by Jonathan Stokes