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Tallaght’s Great Paper Rope

Tallaght’s Great Paper Rope will be a sculptural thread of paper rope starting in Tallaght Village and winding 1.5 KM to the Civic Theatre.

Inspired by the area’s history of papermaking Tallaght’s Great Paper Rope will bring together communities, school, arts organisations and artists in a yearlong exploration.

Participants will translate memories, stories and dreams to be woven together with personal artifacts to form Tallaght’s very own bespoke rope. 

The project will provide a dynamic backdrop for a series of installations, live performances and free activities.

Tallaght’s Great Paper Rope Research & Development

In 2018 we will begin a Research & Development process on Saturday 30 June at Tallafest’18.

We will begin to identify groups and individuals from our communities to draw together the many stories, histories and myths that make Tallaght so distinctive.

Rope Maker Artists Gabi McGrath and Yvonne Sheils and Designer Tadashi Kato will invite public to make paper, construct simple paper ropes.

Dramaturg, Jenny Macdonald will begin to map local stories and facilitate conversations.

Musical Director, Martin Moran will introduce local buskers

Individual participants will be recruited for a workshop programme beginning in September 2018

Tallaght’s Great Paper Rope Project process runs June 2018 – June 2019

Partners: Alternative Entertainments, Civic Theatre, County Library Tallaght,

Music Generation South Dublin, Poetry Ireland and Tallafest. 


Artistic and Producing Team


Tony Fegan – Artistic Director

Tony Fegan is Director of Tallaght Community Arts, a participatory arts organisation that creates opportunities for artists and the people of South Dublin County to explore together the transformative and celebratory power of the arts for the wellbeing of all. He has extensive experience of creating innovative participatory projects with diverse communities across London, Europe, South Africa and for the last ten years across South Dublin County with leading regional, national and international artists. Tony was artistic director for Aeridheacht -Taking the Air 2015-2016 a site specific performance at OPW /Pearse Museum as part of their 1916 Centenary programme.

AERIDHEACHT – Taking the Air 2015 – 2016 at OPW/ Pearse Museum


Jennifer Webster – Producer

Jennifer Webster is a drama facilitator and arts project producer. She studied performance at the Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin. Jennifer is arts project producer with Tallaght Community Arts’ Project Doors to Elsewhere, a theatre ensemble for adults with a disability.  Jennifer was Project Producer on the community/intergenerational project If You Were In My Shoes commissioned by Nás na Ríogh Housing Association, 2012/13. Her work as producer includes Flock – By Aoife Courtney at the Big House Festival 2013, For Tallaght Community Arts, Aeridheacht -Taking the Air 2015/16, Act Up Theatre Festival 2011-2018, Creative Campus 2014-18, All Our Futures 2017, Where in this World 2017.


AERIDHEACHT – Taking the Air 2015 – 2016 at OPW/ Pearse Museum



Andrew Siddall – Production Manager

Andrew (Sid) Siddall is an artist, designer, technician, teacher and project manager with over thirty years’ experience working internationally in theatre, education and community settings. He combines visual arts, celebration and performance to enable participants and audiences to cross borders of race, culture, geography, language and ability. He has a particular interest in youth oriented, site-specific, non-venue based events which involve space transformation, installation, exhibition and procession. Based in London, he is a founder member and associate artist of Phakama (UK & South Africa), project manager at Emergency Exit Arts (London), associate artist of Tallaght Community Arts (Dublin) and module tutor at London Metropolitan University. Regular clients include schools, colleges and universities, local authorities and festivals.

Project VEAR – Summer 2017 – touring from Autumn 2018: Production Manager / Designer

Hansel & Gretel – Spring 2018 launch & touring: Production Design



Gabriella McGrath – Rope Artist

Gabriella McGrath is an art educator and craft facilitator born in Hungary and living in Ireland since 2005. She holds a Masters in Cultural Policy and Arts Management. Gabriella has been on the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s Education Panel since 2011 delivering collaborative CRAFTed projects in primary schools, facilitating workshops and outreach programmes for all abilities and ages in museums, libraries and festivals. She enjoys working on inter-generational, inter-cultural and multidisciplinary art projects. Her projects working with Tallaght Community Arts include “If you were in my shoes”  and the “Roma Sewing Project”.


Yvonne Shiels – Rope Artist

Yvonne Sheils is an artist/feltmaker based on Dublin. She is a member of Feltmakers Ireland. Her work at Tallaght Community Arts includes Roma Women’s Sewing Project at the Intercultural Drop in Centre 2017, Unwrapped’17 and Can’t see the Woods for the Trees 2018 – a live performance/installation by Doors to Elsewhere, a theatre company for adult with intellectual disabilities

Unwrapped 17:


Tadashi Kato – Designer  

Tadashi Kato is a visual artist and designer. He was educated at Setsu Mode Seminar Fashion Illustration Arts School –Tokyo, Japan between 1986 -1989 gaining a Diploma in Illustration. He was an artist facilitator and maker on the artist team for Factory of Dreams site specific performance. Group F. Brockwell Park Out of LIFT ’96. His work in Ireland includes designer maker on Bed Stories with Helen Hugel of Helium Theatre Company, lead designer of Fields of Dreams 2010 & Trashcatchers 2011 with Tallaght Community Arts. Since 2010, Tadashi has been designer for Unwrapped site specific performance events in Tallaght working with other artists and up to 150 community participants. In 2013 Tadashi designed the bird headdresses for Flock, a site specific dance piece by Aoife Courtney at The Big House Festival. He acted as design consultant for choreographer Rionach Ni Neill’s, AMU at the Civic Theatre Tallaght as part of the Dublin Dance Festival 2014. Tadashi was lead designer on Aerideacht/Taking the Air, Pearse Museum 2016.

Unwrapped ‘16


AERIDHEACHT – Taking The Air 2015 -2016 OPW/Pearse Museum

Moran – Musical Director

Martin has been involved with Alternative Entertainments since the 80s. His first contact was as guitar student and attendee of The Tallaght Rock School. In the 90s he began working as guitar tutor with The Des Carty Music School. He then joined the festival support staff, working on projects that would become The Des Carty Sessions and The South Dublin Rock School later to become Suburban Sounds, as administrator and eventually Music Programme Manager.



Jenny Mcdonald – Dramaturg

Jenny is a writer, director, performer and drama facilitator. She has created productions, projects and workshops for a wide range of arts and community organisations including, in Ireland, Abbey Theatre Outreach, Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company, Children in Crossfire and the National Youth Council, and internationally, Akanksha (Mumbai), Defensores del Chaco (Buenoes Aires), The Masters School (Dobb’s Ferry, NY) and O Teatro (Coimbra, Portugal). She is an Associate Artist with Tallaght Community Arts and Project Phakama UK and a tutor on the New York University Masters in Community-engaged theatre. 

Where in this World:


FORUM event:



Sharon Devlin – Participant Coordinator

Sharon began her career as a painter, working primarily in oils and acrylics and occasionally pastel. When she stepped into her role as a community arts practitioner working with Tallaght Community Arts some 12 years ago, her art began to evolve. Designing and implementing arts projects with groups from the local community, she began to specialise in working with people from the disabled community and also vulnerable people and groups from marginalised communities. It was through this work, exploring and experimenting with new ways in which to reach out and communicate with people who live on the margins of life and finding ways in which to enable these individuals to use art as a means of communication and self-exploration, that led Sharon to begin to explore a deeper theme to her own work as an artist





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