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There Are No Postcards for Tallaght


In 1960, Tallaght was a village of 700 people. It is now home to over 70,000.

Tallaght Community Arts invites you to become part of a new project called

Headin’ Out … that looks at how Tallaght has evolved as a home for the people in the area over the past 40 years. In the first stage of this two-year project, artists- Fergus Byrne, Cindy Cummings, George Higgs, Daniel Kelleher and Jenny Macdonald-are exploring, through: movement, music, stories, photographs, street games, postcards & performance the lived experiences of those who have made Tallaght their home.

Between July and November 2013, the artists and producing team will be meeting and working with groups and individuals of all ages to discover what home means to the many people who live in Tallaght.  The Cabin at Fettercairn Community Centre is our home for research and creative experiments.


There Are No Postcards for Tallaght

As part of the Headin’Out… research we have discovered that there are no published postcards of contemporary Tallaght.  So we have decided to change that.

We invite residents of Tallaght young and old to take a photo, draw a picture or scan or photoshop an existing photo of Tallaght into our online postcard template.

We will choose the most interesting photos to become part of a fold out postcard books celebrating Tallaght.  Your photos can be taken yesterday or after 1960.


Headin’ Out…is produced by Tallaght Community Arts who have been working creatively with communities in Tallaght since 1996.  If you are interested in participating in Headin’ Out… please contact:

Director, Tony Fegan at:

T :   01 452-8180

W:   www.tallaght-arts.ie

F :   www.facebook.com/tallaghtcommunityarts