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Digital Story Telling Workshops

Tallaght Community Arts has just completed running a series of Digital Story Telling Workshops with individuals from four migrant groups within South Dublin County. Our workshops are led by coordinator Jennifer Webster, visual artist Jackie Gray and musical composer Danai Kelleher. Workshop participants were given the opportunity to develop their own stories in parallel with learning the technical aspects of digital storytelling. All participants developed their stories, created digital images, created and recorded sounds and music, developed text and explored/learned editing skills.

Members from four different migrant groups in our community took part in the workshops. The idea was that the individuals taking part would  go back to their groups and share their digital story telling skills with others. The groups who took part in our workshops are from Intercultural Drop in Centre – Tallaght, Clondalkin Migrant Women’s Group, The Tower Hostel – Clondalkin and Message in a Bottle Group (Young Performers Group).

Our workshops will culminate in an online sharing of the work available from Dec 2013.