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We’re busy working on the lanterns and costumes for UNWRAPPED 2013 and we’re expecting some 300 people to take part!
Here are some features for UNWRAPPED 2013:

  • Youth, school and community arts, performance and music groups will bring to life each of the ’12 days of Christmas’ (yup, the song!) through song, dance, lanterns and costumes
  • Each day will have its own performance moment in the midst of a parade of characters and animals from the song.
  • Visual artists Jackie Gray and Tadashi Kato have designed an array of colourful and exotic costumes, hats and lanterns most of which will be made using recycled materials.
  • The  presentation of the song ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ will be a musical feast of rap, hip hop, traditional Irish, band and brass music composed by musicians Gerry Horan, Martin Moran and Michael Fleming in collaboration with local music groups

Above is a sneak peak at the design of some of the lanterns for our 10 Lords – a – Leaping