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    Dublin 24,
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Ruth Clancy – Administrator

r.clancWorking at Tallaght Community is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am daily surrounded by a diverse group of intelligent and friendly people.I have been working with Tallaght Community for over twenty years. I currently work with the Director to maintain the day-to-day administrative structures of the organisation to ensure the long-term sustainability of Tallaght Community Arts.

I provide administrative assistance to freelance Project Managers/ Artist Facilitators on individual projects. I also provide administrative support to our long-term programme –The DoubleTAKE supported arts studio for people with disabilities. I produce the in-house publicity for projects. I am also involved in facilitating our Visual Arts programmes.


Administrative Assistant (Vol) – Cathal Regan

Cathal-ReganAdmin Assitant for Tallaght Community Arts

My name is Cathal Regan. I am the Admin Assistant for Tallaght Community Arts. I have been the Admin Assistant for Tallaght Community Arts since 2010.

My first introduction to Tallaght Community Arts was invigilating the Fifi Smith exhibition A Llong Tearless Night. Since then I have worked on many different projects e.g. Act Up, Aerideacht- Taking the Air.


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