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    Dublin 24,
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Our Approach

PARTICIPATION: We place participation at the heart of our work. This enables us to actively explore ideas of who can be involved in the making of art. This is a two way process.

We bring people together to explore their creativity.

We commission new works and seed projects across South Dublin County opening up the transforming power of the arts to a diverse group of participants and audiences.

We believe that by putting each individual at the centre of the creative process we can challenge, inform and transform. We often work with people not well represented in our society

As an arts development organisation we create work in the heart of communities; in schools, community gardens, football stadiums and individual people’s homes – as well as in designated arts spaces.

Our work focuses on participatory arts, encouraging and supporting people of all ages to be involved in the making of art. We put people at the centre of the creative process.

PUBLIC CELEBRATION: Our work nearly always invites the public to join us in sharing and celebrating and the work that participants have achieved working alongside artists.

Participants have found that working with leading national and international artists has given them new skills and expanded horizons. Artists have in turn enhanced their own work.


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