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The Elementals – Street Arts Academy


Old School/New School

Established in 2011 Street Arts Academy is a culturally diverse arts programme for young people 13 – 20 years. It develops visual arts work, music, and performance in a Hip Hop aesthetic and fosters cultural leadership.

The Elementals are older members of Street Arts Academy. In 2015 they were recipients of an Arts Council Young Ensembles funding award to develop their own performance piece.


Old School/New School
Their latest performance Old School/New School is the result of a creative process led by participants with mentoring support from academy visual artist Cormac Cullinan, choreographer Sly Suleman Sode and dramaturg Jenny Macdonald.

The piece was choreographed by Elementals member Kelvin Akpaloo.

Old School/New School, confronts the issue of racism in Ireland through dance and graffiti in a novel and entertaining way.

Premiered at the Civic Theatre Tallaght at NOISE Movies Dance Festival in April it has since been performed at Laois Youth Dance Festival at Dunamaise Arts Centre Portlaoise.

Street Arts Academy is led by Hip Hop artists: visual artist Cormac Cullinan and choreographer Sly Suleman Sode.

The young people meet during the school holidays to work with graffiti /public art, breakdance, rap and DJing/digital composition. The programme works with over 50 young people over the year retaining a core group of 30 young people.

The Academy has presented Hip Hop performances in Adamstown, Lucan and Tallaght.

The programme is a partnership with South Dublin County Partnership and South Dublin County Council and is supported by Adamstown Educate Together School/St John the Evangelist National School, Adamstown






The Doors to Elsewhere drama group is comprised of adults with intellectual disabilities living in South Dublin. It meets weekly and has a membership of 25 members.

The group is led by drama facilitators Jennifer Webster and Jenny Macdonald.

THE SELKIE BRIDE Over the spring of 2015 the group devised a performance piece in response to the ancient folk tales about Selkies. They placed the mythological symbolisms of shapeshifting, “othering”, and loss of voice into the context of modern Dublin

The group had guest workshops in storytelling, music and movement led by artists Mosten Mutale and Michael Chanda.

In July2015 the group presented THE SELKIE BRIDE, a multi-media performance, at RUA RED.

The performance used dance and movement, singing, acting, and projections and involved eighteen performers on stage together performing as an ensemble. The performance commented upon the performers experiences of being voiceless and ‘other’ in the context of disability. It also countered assumptions about gender and romantic love in our society, particularly for people with disability.

For the first time, the group performed two shows in the day and invited the participants at other disability centres to their performance as well as the wider community of Tallaght. The performance was also viewed by a theatre director with disability who himself facilitates this work in New York City and was in Dublin to study community-engaged theatre practice in Ireland.

Audiences were moved by the strength of the performances and the thematic content of the work. Staff and participants at other centres for people with disability were inspired by the potentials of this work.

For each of THE SELKIE BRIDE performer-creators, there was a growth in skills and confidence in being members of a devising ensemble.


Moving On

Moving On was a professional theatre production created with and for the Tallaght community and enjoyed by audiences of all ages, walks of life and parts of Dublin.

It was written and directed by Jenny Macdonald and performed by professional actors John Doran, Jed Murray, Sorcha Shanahan and Jacinta Sheerin, and community actors Kevin O’Raferty and Charlie Webster.

Moving On grew out of a long period of interactive creative research within the community as part of Tallaght Community Arts Headin’ Out Project 2014.

Jenny Macdonald collected stories from Tallaght residents about what brought them there and kept them there over the past 40 years. Stories included those of “migrants” from other parts of Dublin in the early 70’s and of international migrants since 2000.

The stories were woven into five interconnected scenes, each performed in the front room of a local home. The audience moved by van between the homes and through the decades with a musical soundscape created by Jenny Mangan signalling changes of time.

The final scene was in the Tallaght Community Arts Making Space and allowed the performers, those who shared their homes and their stories, and the audiences to speak with one another after each show. The performance was designed by Tadashi Kato and Dee Pouch.

The performance created an intense intimacy between audience, performers and story-sharers.

From the very beginning of this event we become audience, witnesses and participants in a fast moving play. Pauline Cummings. Artist



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