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Code of Practice

The Governance Code is a Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland.

Governance refers to how an organisation is run, directed and controlled. Good governance means an organisation will design and put in place policies and procedures that will make sure the organisation runs effectively.

The Governance Code is based on five main principles each with three sub-principles. For each principle there are recommended guidelines and actions on how to put that principle in place for your organisation.

The Code of Governance was published in March 2012 on www.governancecode.ie.

Further information is available by contacting info@governancecode.ie

Tallaght Community  Arts signed up to the Governance Code: Principles of Good Governance in February 2015 with a signed statement here: Tallaght Community Arts – Signed Principals Sheet

Governance Code Click on the link “http://tallaght-arts.ie/wp

Reports and Audited accounts are available below:

STANDARDS OF FUNDRAISING PRACTICE http://tallaght-arts.ie/wp

 Child Safeguarding Statement

Tallaght Community  Arts published a new Child Safeguarding Statement, in compliance with the Children First Act 2017. You can read our Child Safeguarding Statement.



Tallaght Community Arts is a participatory arts organisation.  We create opportunities for artists and the people of South Dublin County to explore together the transformative and celebratory

power of the arts for the wellbeing of all.

PARTICIPATION: We place participation at the heart of our work. This enables us to actively explore ideas of who can be involved in the making of art.

PUBLIC CELEBRATION: Our work nearly always invites the public to join us in sharing and celebrating and the work that participants have achieved working alongside artists.

One of Tallaght Community Arts core values is our participant’s wellbeing. We believe nurturing imagination and expressing creativity is a principal part of developing participant’s wellbeing.

Many of our participants are children and young people. We value a child’s right to a quality childhood that includes the right to develop their imagination and creativity.  We respect the individuality and autonomy of children and young people and are attentive to their different needs. We place children and young people at the centre of our work here at Tallaght Community Arts.

Tallaght Community Arts (TCA) is committed to safeguarding the rights of children and young people, particularly those with whom we work.  Their safety and wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff, contracted actors and volunteers who are all Garda vetted. TCA’s duty of care is to provide a safe space for children and young people, ensuring they are safeguarded from sexual, physical and emotional harm, in a healthy learning environment. The welfare of the child is paramount in decisions, activities and programmes involving children and young people at TCA. TCA have developed the following procedures to be followed in all matters relating to children and young people under the age of 18 years whilst at TCA or whilst involved in activities organised through TCA:

  • Code of Behaviour for Staff and Volunteers
  • All staff, contracted artists and volunteers have a copy of Tallaght Community Arts Child Protection Policy
  • Child safeguarding awareness and training 
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Reporting Procedure
  • Safe Recruitment Procedure
  • Training, Supervision and Management of Staff and Volunteers
  • Staff Allegations Procedure.
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Accidents Procedure


The aim of this policy is to promote best practice in child protection and to set out a practical framework to ensure that:

  • TCA protects children under its care or management
  • TCA staff will make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues
  • TCA takes proactive steps in recruitment, artist’s recommendation and in other areas to reduce risk with regard to child protection including Garda vetting.

Tallaght Community Arts, Child Protection Policy and Guidelines Manual is available to the public.





















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