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    Tallaght Community Arts

    RUA RED,
    South Dublin Arts Centre,
    Civic Square,
    Dublin 24,
    E info@tallaght-arts.ie
    T +353 1 452 8180

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About Tallaght Community Art

Since its founding in 1996 Tallaght Community Arts has pioneered a process of artistic exchange that transcends age, experience and background.

We are a pro-active participatory arts organisation creating opportunities for cultural participation and inclusion to citizens of South Dublin.

As one of the largest and most active community arts development organisations in Ireland, we are a national leader and example in this work and create multiple local and international exchange arts programmes annually.

We work with artists who are interested in cultural diversity and with members of new communities. Our work is influenced by the information that community leaders give us as to what arts programming will enhance participation, interaction and equality for all citizens from all cultural backgrounds.

Our programming covers a wide range of participatory arts projects and includes visual arts, carnival, street arts, music, theatre and literature, as well as training, research, conferences and symposiums.



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