Street Arts Academy presents staying safe through dance

Street Arts Academy just finished our first one-week dance intensive exploring the theme of Staying Safe through Dance with crew members. We had some great conversations about how Dance has meaning and expresses emotions We also explored some of the foundational moves from Hip-Hop culture.

Our crew members worked with @TobiOmeteso and @CarlaFazio  exploring  choreographic voices, expressing feelings, and finding a safe place through dance. 

Image Credit: Andy Place

New to the Parish feature with Tobi Omoseto, a Nigerian-Irish dancer living in Limerick. Picture: Alan Place.
Wonderful to see Street Arts Academy a Tallaght Community Arts initiative on RTÉ Comic Relief. 
It profiled their experiences of participating in Making Links a National Youth Council of Ireland programme.  Street Arts Academy participation In Making Links was led by Philomena Obasi, our former Academy Coordinator, and Involved crew members Christeen, Jennifer, Tochi, Chuka and Chibike.   Academy Dance Tutor Kelvin Akpaloo choreographed the dance. 
A huge acknowledgement to Lucy Abena Peprah who initiated the programme with Tallaght Community Arts in 2010.

Proud to be funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and South Dublin County Council