Andy Wielens


An alembic is anything that transforms, purifies, or refines.

Glenasmole is an artery between the distant past, the present and the future.

A place referenced in our most ancient texts and stories, a place where the families who live there can trace back generations but also place presently responsible for suppling households in the southern central part of Dublin City with drinking water.

The water that flows through Glenasmole is purified and supplies 35,000 houses, it has allowed parts of Dublin to grow and expand.

And the waterworks that deliver that water also protect from flooding and usher the constant flow of water - as the colours change and the foliage swells and recedes.

It is with these considerations I created this sculpture. It represents the people and the place. It is made of Corten steel and over years the patina will mature but the steel will maintain its integrity and like the valley will continue to transform and refine.



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Andrew Wielens is an artist from Dublin he studied sculpture at NCAD and works as an art tutor for the CDETB. His work involves sculpture, painting, illustration, education and socially engaged practise.