Claire O’Sullivan


Travelling to Clondalkin every Thursday morning for a few months can do things to you. Some things that make you wonder about yourself, the people around us and how fragile a few months or minutes can be in a busy and unpredictable world. This piece is a response to the history of North Clondalkin, featuring stories from young people, the elderly trees of the area and what they might have seen and what they can still tell us today. It aims to not only show where the library is but also show that no matter how you feel there is always something there to enjoy or that can bring you back down to earth.

Untitled design (18)

Claire O’Sullivan is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Arts. She is predominantly interested in making and facilitating work and that reflects the life that surrounds her by the most authentic means possible.

People are integral to her work, and she loves to gather information from as many sources as possible. She focuses on the people and places that may hold a different significance to what was intended for it. Claire is passionate in supporting access and equal opportunities for all in arts education and the arts world.