Creative Brain Week March 12th - 16th

Tallaght Community Arts recently participated in Creative Brain Week, an event exploring “how brain science and creativity collide to seed new ideas”, which took place in the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin from March 12th to 16th.

TCA-DoubleTAKE, hero

Artists from two of our core programmes - DoubleTAKE Studios and Doors To Elsewhere theatre ensemble - were approached and asked to exhibit work along side many other creatives from varying backgrounds, each exploring creativity and culture through different mediums such as music, dance, photography, literature, videos, images, and so on.


For the exhibit, TCA offered 2 videos, 68 paintings, and 5 photographs.   The two videos - CRUST, and We’re Still Here - and the paintings, were created by DoubleTAKE Studios. They explore the theme of professional occupation and disability, the visibility - or lack thereof - of disabled people living in modern society, and what it means to be included, not just accommodated.

Our Films

The 5 photographs are stills from the performance CAN’T SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES, a theatrical show devised and performed by Doors To Elsewhere theatre ensemble. It is a provocative exploration of the Little Red Riding Hood story placed in a modern context to consider issues of care, independence and our media-addicted society. Members of Doors To Elsewhere also participated in some of the many workshops that took place. 


We were delighted to participate in such a provocative and inspiring exhibition, and hope that those who came to see it left with greater understanding, curiosity, and compassion for the world around them and those within it.

DoubleTAKE Studio Artist Mentors - Sharon Devlin, Caroline Hyland & Dee Pouch

Doors to Elsewhere Facilitators - Jenny Macdonald & Jennifer Webster.

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creative brain-31


DoubleTAKE Studio artist & Doors To Elsewhere performer

“I particularly enjoyed the drama workshop and all that. I thought the movements were very good. I especially liked the exercise where there was an imaginary chest in the middle of the floor and we all had to go out and take something out of the chest and all that. That was my favourite. It was nice to see my poem on the wall. I loved the name of the [DoubleTAKE] exhibition; ‘We’re Still Here’. How come that artists have to be in their grave before they're recognised? I would just like that to happen more and more, cause it’s as I say; we’re just like anybody!”


artist & facilitator at DoubleTAKE

“It was lovely to see our art work in there. It was really cool that we got to display our artwork in Trinity. It was lovely to see the Doors To Elsewhere stuff on the wall as well. The guys absolutely loved it, they were ecstatic, they were totally over the moon. It was just because it was like Trinity College and it was also a different space. It’s somewhere to bring their family as well and say ‘this is what we do, this is what it's about’, you know.”


DoubleTAKE Studio mentor support & Doors To Elsewhere performer

“The drama was my favourite too. The movements were all good.”