To celebrate Culture Night 2020 Tallaght Community Arts and Alternative Entertainments in association with OPW/Pearse Museum and Music Generation South Dublin will host an Online Broadcast at 7:15pm. Tune in to Tallaght Community Arts YouTube channel to see our event. See our website for further details.

The Covid19 pandemic, the international response to George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter Movement have provoked young artists from across South Dublin to respond to these events.

Tallaght Community Arts and Alternative Entertainments have worked with young musicians and performers to explore the history of Protest Songs and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Musicians from Alternative Entertainments – SubSounds Music Collective have the created a new song for 2020 and recorded classic protest songs.

Performers from Tallaght Community Arts – The Rising Generation have recorded the 31 Articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on location at the Pearse Museum.

An installation of placards of the Preamble and 30 Articles of the Declaration will be in the walled garden of the Pearse Museum from Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 September.

DECLARE & PROTEST is produced by Tallaght Community Arts & Alternative Entertainments

Culture Night, brought to you by the Arts Council

Funded under Arts Council’s policy priority of Equality, Human Rights and Diversity