Jonathan Stokes

Point to Point
On a journey from point to point, our brains absorb markers into the memory. the conscious confirms the direction of travel, the subconscious is far more personal, it fuses time and place with a sensory experience. We make recollections of these moments in time and place when triggered by the senses, sound, taste and smell.
Asking about people’s journeys to the library I have converted their responses, their memories both conscious and unconscious into a personal map. The map creates a layered plan, a remembered journey from point to point.
Graduating with an honours degree in graphic design, specializing in photography, Jonathan has worked in many areas of the photographic business. He has been part of a 30 strong crew while working with Harper Collins publishers on an illustrated book of the life of William Shakespeare, ran the day to day mechanics of an advertising studio and darkroom in London.

He has photographed architectural sites, landscapes, and locations around the U.K. for commercial and environmental agencies. Having spent most of his professional life as a documentary photographer in both the U.K and Ireland, Jonathan finds documentary projects the most rewarding part of his work.
Photographing people working, performing or being together has an energy, a dynamic that is inspiring, no matter what the subject is. Jonathan has worked with clients from all areas of life, he has produced work for John Lewis, Eversheds, YMCA, GALOP, Crime concern, Connexions, Dance Ireland, Ballet Ireland, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and South Dublin County Council. He also had solo exhibitions of his work at Rua Red in Dublin and also as a part of a group at the Association of Photographers Gallery in London which was published in Image magazine.

As an associate artist with Tallaght Community Arts, he has photographically documented long-term projects, designing and producing ebooks for projects such as “Aeridheacht- Taking the Air” and “Weatherstations”. He continues to work closely with Tallaght Community Arts, curating a photographic archive of their work from the past decade.