Jonathan Stokes

A Stitch in Time

I went to Glenasmole looking for legends and history, I went hoping to find something; something mythical.  I researched and dug up tales and details, but once I had my feet on the ground it all became vague, I was lost.

I was looking for the past and it had gone.

I found myself in the present.

Spending time just observing and collecting information from the valley and those who live there.  Photographs, paintings, notebooks and letters, I had a wealth of material to use, I hadn’t scratched the surface.

Looking at the photographs, the paintings and correspondence I had collected, I couldn’t find any clarity, I was lost again.

Time, I needed time to see what to do. There was the answer!  Time. This was about time all along.

The passing of time, moment by moment, being added to constantly, moment by passing moment, like flicked pages in book layer after layer, burying themselves under more information in the passing of time.

As time passes, we do notice moments, some important others not, but we remember specific details which become sewn into our memories, they become legendary in our own way.

A stitch in time.

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Jonathan has worked in the U.K. and Ireland as a photographer. His work includes a variety of disciplines from architectural, commercial and documentary projects. He has exhibited and had his work published in multiple formats, both physically and digitally. He is passionate about photography and its ability to communicate as a language