Julia Collins


The word ‘Scim’ is from the Irish language which can be translated simply as a film, veil, or a haze. In older dictionaries it is described as scumming to the supernatural world through sleep. This installation is a journey to find the seam between ceantar sin (this world) and an t-alltar (the other world). The collecting of information through film photography and drawing was carried around the time of Samhain, on location in Glenasmole, Co Dublin. It is said the veil between the ceantar and the alltar is at its thinnest at Samhain. Glenasmole is also known as the site where Oisín returns from an t-alltar, Tír na nÓg, on a white horse.


julia CC20


Julia Collins is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Wicklow, graduating from NCAD in 2018 with a degree in Fine Print. After which she editioned prints in the prevalent Lower East Side printshop in New York. She returned to Ireland at the end of 2019.  Her process is influenced and informed by her roots in printmaking and is an analogue based artist. Using film photography, oil painting and drawing, she works with ideas surrounding The Sublime and Fortuity. A conversation between fact and fiction and the ‘the spaces in-between’