Mount Seskin Community College

Creative Campus Project engages annually with secondary schools in South Dublin County as part of NCAD Access programme. In 2020 we were delighted to work with participating student artists from Mount Seskin Community College. Creative Campus team delivered a series of online workshops to ten art students in Mount Seskin Community College.
'Notebook Creation' workshop was led by Creative Campus Artist Julia Collins
'Together we made notebooks using household items such as newspapers, a4 paper, and envelopes for the pages. The books were bound together using needle and thread, with paper clips to hold the paper while sewing. Personally, I like to make my own notebooks as you can control the size and the length of them, as-well as enjoying the process of making them.' - Julia Collins

'Wet Collage Workshop' was led by Creative Campus Curator Jonathan Stokes

'With a base of stretched water colour paper and lots of water we built images, layer upon layer with differing papers, ink, paint and tracing sheets. These collages were then photographed in their state of flux. Creating an archive of images as the collage is layered, each stage as important as the next.' - Jonathan Stokes

Participating Artists: Aoife Bardon, Gabrielle Collins, Darragh Ennis, Amy Hoang, Jordan Mason, Daniella Quinn, Sophie Singleton, Kelly Slattery, Niamh Valentine, Abby Ward
Teacher: Adrienne Byrne