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Tallaght Community Arts is collaborating with dance artists Tatiana dos Santos, Favour Odusola, and Kelvn Akpaloo in SHARING MOVES’N….. The showcase profiles three artists of diverse cultural and street dance backgrounds. 

Dance artists Tatiana Santos, Favour Odusola, and Kelvin Akpaloo bring high quality dance, music, and live performance into the heart of two South Dublin County communities: MacUíllíam Estate Tallaght and Adamstown Community Centre giving local residents young and old access to this dynamic contemporary dance style. The showcase performances will feature 5-minute solo dances by the 3 dance artists showcasing the dance style of each professional supported by DJ City. This will be an interactive performance which will conclude with the dance artists creating a traditional Hip-Hop Cypher or Dance Circle celebrating everyone’s moves.

Tallaght Community Arts has a long experience of locating dynamics arts experiences in communities.

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Free Event

Adamstown Community Centre, Adamstown

Friday 27 May @ 4.30pm


MacUíllíam Estate, Tallaght

Saturday 28 May @ 4.30pm

Booking Essential

Favour Odolusa
Dance Artist

Favour Odusola

Favour is a multi-disciplinary artist & theatre arts graduate from Nigeria living in Ireland. He works across several contexts from traditional dance and percussion, to commercial work and contemporary theatre for over 10 years both in Nigeria and internationally. He is currently pursuing his career with an ambition to elevate the Afro-dance community in Ireland.

Favour is a recipient of the Arts Council Agility Award to research on developing the relationship with other artistic collaborators centred around community engagement and incorporation. He is also a recipient of the Create Autumn school on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice. Most recently, he was involved in Helen Keelan’s Dance Residency “In The Grey” which explored dancers who had injuries that were not classified as an injury under award guidelines or to friends/partners. Favour also performed as a dancer for the Irish Modern Dance Theatre under John Scott artistic direction.

Dance Artist

Tatiana Santos

Tatiana Santos is a Racial Justice Tutor, Cultural Mediator and Socially Engaged Artist. In 2020, she completed her Masters in Dispute Resolution –with a focus on the potential of Peacebuilding to create bridges in a multicultural Ireland. She believes dance is a powerful tool for empowerment and self-esteem, especially during experiences of displacement.

Tatiana’s particular interests as a dancer lie in the fields of Urban and Afro styles, which include Hip Hop, Brazilian Funk, Dancehall, Afro-Brazilian and Axé. In Brazil, she took part in an Urban Dance Company by the age of 14. In Ireland, Tatiana reconnected with her roots through afro rhythms. She has attended several workshops with Bami Kuteyi, Patience J, Emmanuella Salako, Anita Salako, Septzilla and Boogiebeast, some of the main names of Afro-dance in Ireland and in the UK. Tatiana delivered work on body decolonisation for Dublin City Council during the Social Inclusion Week 2021.

Kelvin Akpaloo 01
Dance Artist

Kelvin Akpaloo

Kelvin Akpaloo is an emerging Ghanian-Irish dancer, choreographer & dance facilitator. Kelvin is the director emeritus of Tallaght Community Arts programme Streets Arts Academy.  He was  choreographer for WAVE an intercultural youth arts ensemble. Dance & chorography credits include “Calling Back History: Africa”, “Migration (We Are Here)” and “Old School/New School” all performed as part of NOISE MOVES youth dance festival at The Civic Theatre and Rua Red. In 2018 he was one of the choreographers selected for “Emergence”, NOISE MOVES Choreographer Development Scheme. He has been a recipient of  a Arts Development Bursary from South Dublin County Arts Office.

Kelvin also works as a facilitator for Eurobug, No Hate Speech Ireland and the National Youth Council and has travelled with these projects to Serbia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Georgia. He is passionate about using the arts to create a more just world. Kelvin is a graduate from DCU in Media Production Management.

Disc Jockey

DJ City

Cintia Augusta AKA DJ City is an Afro-Brazilian DJ based in Ireland. Her playlists carry roots of Afrodiaspora music and loads of dance energy. She performed at Social Inclusion Week collaborating with Go Dance for Change platform and The Five Lamps Arts Festival in 2020 and in 2021 she was back at Social Inclusion Week with Tatiana Santos at the Body Decolonisation dance workshop. She was also a dj guest at Dublin Digital Radio (DDR) collaborating with Sim Simma Dublin collective and in some of their events throughout 2022.

DJ City

Sharing Moves'N is funded under Local Live Performance South Dublin

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