Trashcatchers Parade is a participatory experience for families and children living in MacUiìlliìam Estate in Tallaght. Come see the spectacle of work created by the young residents of the estate and be inspired to reuse and recycle!
The aim of the parade is to celebrate the creativity of young people through the artistic reuse of single use plastic and other recycled materials. Young people from MacUíllíam will design, make and perform a parade on the basketball courts of the estate. Expect fantastic costumes and lots of imagination!

The project is part of Tallaght Community Arts’ Creative Places MacUiìlliìam initiative, involving residents of all ages in programming arts activities on the estate. 

The parade is open to the public on 11 June, 3pm at MacUíllíam basketball court , no booking required. All are welcome.

Creative Places MacUíllíam Youth Arts Action members are working with artists Claire O’Sullivan and Tadashi Kato all this week to design and create costumes for our upcoming Trash Catchers Parade.

Our Youth Arts Action Group will deliver a Trashcatcher Costume workshop to young people from MacUíllíám Estate. They will work under the guidance of our Trashcatcher artist team. Come and make your very own recycled costume for our Trashcatcher Parade.

Our Trashcatcher workshop is open to 6-12 year olds and takes place on Wednesday 8th June, 4-5pm at MacUíllíam Estate basketball court.