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Glenasmole National School

Creative Campus 2020 Team were delighted to work with the students of 5th and 6th class students from Glenasmole National School.
Our 23 participating artists were given a disposable camera to take their favourite images of Glenasmole.
Curator/photographer Jonathan Stokes delivered a photography workshop via Zoom to their classroom. We had the difficult task of choosing one photo from each student.
Participating Artists:
Carla M, Cian D, Ciaran M, Cillian P, David M, Enda W, George C, Grace S, Harry C, Isabelle L, Josh C, Katie Mc, Kelsie Mc, Lucy L, Mary A, Max H, Michael K, Robert D, Shane K, Shona C, Sophie O, Sophie R, Zach F.
Teacher/Principle: Mary McColgan