Tallaght Community Arts Centre opened to the public in July 1996, located in Virginia House, a restored 1837 farmhouse, near The Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght.  In 2003, the Virginia House site was sold in order to generate funds for the development of a purpose built arts centre for South Dublin County, located near the Luas at Tallaght Cross.

PARTNERSHIP: As an organisation we have established a number of long-term initiatives in the areas of cultural diversity, youth at risk, older citizens, people with disabilities as well as young emerging artists.  We work in partnership with local and national agencies to foster sustainable community development with the arts playing a dynamic role in addressing the needs of Tallaght and the wider South Dublin County communities: geographically, culturally and socially.  Our regular local partners include; South Dublin County Partnership, ACT (Active Citizen Together) Cheeverstown House, Dominic’s Community Centre, The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland, New Horizons, St John of God’s, St Michael’s House and both Clondalkin and Tallaght Traveller’s CDP’s.

We are cultural tenants at RUA RED South Dublin County Arts Center in Tallaght since 2009.

Sharon Devlin


Sharon is a native of Tallaght and brings great experience to the role. She is happy to be working with a very strong and gifted core team . She is pasionate about participatory arts, building community and connection through creativity We are especially proud of the arts initiative Creative Places growing successfully in the Mac Uíllíam Estate.


Ruth Clancy


Working at Tallaght Community Arts is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am daily surrounded by a diverse group of intelligent and friendly people. I have been working with Tallaght Community since its foundation. I currently work with the Director to maintain the day-to-day administrative structures of the organisation to ensure the long-term sustainability of Tallaght Community Arts.

I provide administrative assistance to freelance Project Managers/Artist Facilitators on individual projects. I also provide administrative support to our long-term programme -the DoubleTAKE supported arts studio for people with disabilities. I produce the in-house publicity for projects. I am also involved in facilitating our Visual Arts programmes.

Proud to be funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and South Dublin County Council