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Street Arts Academy is a culturally diverse community arts programme for young people between the ages of 10 to 20 years, based in the South Dublin County Council Area. It a collaborative piece of work between South Dublin County Partnership and Tallaght Community Arts, Ireland.
Established in 2011 by the Tallaght Community Arts, Street Arts Academy develops visual arts work, music, performance in a Hip Hop aesthetics, and also, fosters cultural leadership.
We meet during the school holidays to work with visual street arts, breakdance, rap and DJing / digital composition.
Our programme works with over 50 young people over the year. Since 2011, Street Arts Academy has worked with over 800 young people. The main sessions of the Academy take place in Adamstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin.  The Academy contributes to the development of the artistic capacities of the young people and has powerful influence on their social and personal development.
The Academy plays a serious role in promoting Interculturalism among young people at an activity and educational level outside of school.
The future of the Academy lies in continuing and developing its focus on the development of the Artistic Creativity of young people.
The Academy is built on the commitment of the young people, their parents, artist, volunteers, the Support Staff and the organisers on a strong well-thought out philosophy of RESPECT, using the Arts as a personal, social and creative development tool.

Proud to be funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and South Dublin County Council